Most powerful Laptop and Apple Iphone

This is computer world. Every filed of life directly or in-directly connected with computer. Usage of internet increasing day by day in every country and Internet gaming also on top ranking.

Dell launch a powerful gaming laptop and this is very best for your vocation.

The most powerful gaming laptop ever:
Alienware M17x
Alienware, now part of Dell, is a company focused on high-end gaming systems and last week they released what they are calling “the most powerful 17” gaming laptop in the universe”. And they are not kidding: this laptop features three graphics processing units, a feature not found even on most desktops.

Apple i-phone is best for every one because this is slim and all feature avail able in apple products.

Apple recently introduce iPhone 3G the fastest, most powerful IPhone yet. iPhone 3GS features vide recording, Voice Control, up to 32GB of storage, and more.
The Fastest iPhone Ever
The first thing you’ll notice about iPhone 3GS is how quickly you can launch applications. Web pages render in a fraction of the time, and you can view email attachments faster. Improved performance and updated 3D graphics deliver an incredible gaming experience, too. In fact, everything you do on iPhone 3GS is up to 2x faster and more responsive than iPhone 3G.

Sequoia: The Most Powerful Computer in the World from IBM for the US Government
International Business Machines (IBM)

has announced that it is developing the world’s most powerful computer for the US government. The machine will be known as Sequoia and will have the power of two million laptops. That’s unbelievable but true. Sequoia is being developed to bolster the American nuclear capabilities. The US Department of Energy will receive it by 2011.
Sequoia system will be able to run the most complex computer simulations and will be of great help in nuclear research. 1.6 million microprocessors will be responsible for its super computing speed of 20 quadrillion calculations per second. According to IBM, more than $100 million will be spent on the development of the system. The size of the system will be gigantic and it will be kept in a very large sized building. The company also said that this will be most environment friendly system and will consume six megawatts of energy per year (the average power consumption of 500 US households). Sequoia will also be useful for research related to human genome, climate and astronomy.

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