Is the Confiker Worm going to affect Linux users?

Confiker Virus is a new virus that has affected millions of computers around the world on April 1st, 09. If your PC is working at a dead slow speed then it may be a sign that your PC has been affected by the virus. Removal of Confiker Virus can be somewhat tricky as it blocks access to the most well-known security websites, such as Microsoft, McAfee, Norton, etc.

Is the Confiker Worm going to affect Linux users?
I was watching the news recently, and I saw that there is a worm that has been going around for a few months called Confiker. I was wondering if it would affect Linux users, or if it was just designed for Windows.

Linux is 100% safe from the affect of confiker Wordm

This virus can not affect a Llinux machine. However, should the developer of the virus decide to issue a denial-of-service attack against certain backbone providers, it could prevent ANYONE from having decent internet access, but your Linux machine itself will not/ can not/ be affected directly.

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