What is and How Work Linux Transparent Proxy

What is it?

Transparent Proxy is away that proxies connections without client

noticing. This means that if you browse to when this request

reachs your gateway it will be re-directed to another port where a proxy

service like squid will be active. The client thinks that it's exchanging

data with remote host but in the reality it's just exchanging data with the


How can I support it?

To support Transparent Proxy once more you'll have to re-compile your

kernel this time the main features to support are:

Networking Options -->


[*] IP: firewalling

[*] IP: Transparent Proxy support


Of course you'll probably enable mascarade on your host, to know which

options have to be enabled check the IP masquerade section.



Finally to make Transparent Proxy work you have to add a redirection

action on ipchains just simply giving the command:

root@ExampleBox: ~# /sbin/ipchains -A input -p TCP --dport 80 -s -j REDIRECT 8080

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