linux service chkconfig rc.local Linux Listing Services

Chkconfig show you which linux services start in linux startu up.
linux start different service on diferent runlevels.

#chkconfig --list

if you want to start any service in linux startup there is many ways to
load or start service in startup

1) chkconfig
2) rc.local

Only run this command in one time when you install new server like squid dns or dhcp.
there is 7 run levels in linux. 3 is command prompt and 5 is graphic interface run level

chkconfig --level 35 squid on
chkconfig --level 35 named on
chkconfig --level 35 dhcpd on

this is start up script file, jus add these lines or add any command in
this start up script, and also you can add the iptables command's in rc.local files.

service named start
service squid start
service dhcpd start

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