Linux Runlevels

Before you can congure access to services, you must understand Linux runlevels. A runlevel is a
state, or mode, that is dened by the services listed in the directory /etc/rc.d/rc
1 x
2 .d, where
3 x
is the number of the runlevel.
Red Hat Linux uses the following runlevels:

. 0 . Halt
. 1 . Single-user mode
. 2 . Not used (user-denable)
. 3 . Full multi-user mode
. 4 . Not used (user-denable)
. 5 . Full multi-user mode (with an X-based login screen)
. 6 . Reboot

If you congured the X Window System during the Red Hat Linux installation program, you had the option of choosing a graphical or text login screen. If you chose a text login screen, you are operating in runlevel

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