Web Directories

Web Directories is changing the face of marketing. Web Directories enabled the open dialogue between companies and consumers. Before engaging in web directories companies need to explore the various options available and decide which methods will likely have the greatest impact on their target audience.

Things need when you build new web directory
1. Web Directory Design & Layout
2. Keyword Research
3. Link Building
4. Autoresponders
5. Visitor Analysis

Before joining the web directories you have to focus your business objective & marketing strategy. When you search what is the marketing media for your business promotion. First of all look at web directories. If you choose web directories you will get better result instead of other marketing media’s.

Web directories are the best sources to combine the different type of business under one roof.,, Yahoo web directories and Twd Web Directory are the example of this roof. Choose the web directory which have variety of business category and also have many links. If you want to promote your business on national (Country Level) choose the same country web directory like you live in Pakistan than use HamariWeb Directory.

Web directories are kind of relationship marketing, relationship marketing Acquiring, Maintaining and Retaining Customers. Web directory is the example of business Marketing Relationships (BMR).

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