Common problems while joining a Linux SAMBA domain from win2k

1) "The account used is a computer account. Use your global user account or
local user account to access the server".
This problem comes with Windows 2000 machines with service pack 2. Solution is
to create a machine account for each win2k computer on the SAMBA computer.
Another solution is to try changing the windows computer's machine name from
Network properties, but this seldom works (depends on the mood of win 2000

2) "The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials".
This is a problem on windows client side.. Windows will not let you connect as two
different users to the same share on the remote computer. To over come this problem,
log out of the windows computer (restart if it doesn't behave) , then again log in first
as local administrator and then supply the root login and it's samba generated
password while joining the domain.

3) "The domain SMBDOMAIN could not be contacted".
Check your SMB configuration. Check for presence of machine accounts (including
the group machines) and their SMB passwords. Check the network settings of
windows. Restart the windows computer. Should work.
Now something about plain text passwords :
In the Samba configurations above, we are using encrypted passwords. But if for any
reason, for example, incompatibility of samba encrypted passwords and windows
encrypted passwords, we can configure both sides to use plain text passwords. On
samba side, we will just put a remark on the following two lines in the smb.conf
#encrypt password = yes
#smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
And on windows side we have to edit the registry and enable plain text password
support. The procedure is different for win 9x, windows NT and windows 2000.

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