Linux User Administration and Root Privileges

Privileges of a root user
System administration tasks are performed from the root or
superuser account.
The following list summarizes some of the duties and privileges of
a system administrator:
Has complete access to all files and directories regardless of
owner and permissions
Controls user account administration
Performs system maintenance
Halts the system when necessary
Sets up initial user passwords
Changes passwords when necessary.
Installs software on the system

A normal useraccount, is the type of account that is set up for
each individual user.
This type of account differs only in respect to access privileges
and home directories.

Tip For Linux Administration
It is good system practice to have a separate account for each
individual user. Avoid accounts that are shared, if possible.

Adding New User in Linux
Required steps:
– Edit the /etc/passwd file to define the user's account.
– Set an initial password.
– Create the user's home directory.
• Extra steps (optional):
– Copy default startup files to the user's home directory.
– Add the user to the /etc/group file.
– Set the user's mail home and establish mail aliases.
– Enter the user in the site-wide user database (NIS).
– Configure disk quotas.
– Verify that the account is set up correctly.
– Record accounting information.

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