What is a good password?

A Word About Passwords
Passwords are often the last, and sometimes only, line of defense. In this paper I will be
using rather simple passwords (test123,123test and testing). This is only
for simplification of the documentation. Never use passwords like these. Always use good passwords.

"What is a good password?
A good password is:
private: it is used and known by one person only
secret: it does not appear in clear text in any file or program or on a piece of paper
pinned to the terminal
easily remembered: so there is no need to write it down
not guessable by any program in a reasonable time, for instance less than one week.
The best recommendation I can make is this don't use real words. Use the first letters
from a sentence that you'll remember (something from a movie for example), change
some characters to upper case and swap some numbers for letters.
As an example, let's take a quote from The Matrix. “What is real? How do you define
real?” and we'll use the first letter from each word.

We'll change every odd consonant to uppercase (we'll say y is a consonant).
We'll change the i to a 1 and add a space and a non alpha-numeric character.
Now we have a password that is private, secret, easily remembered and not easily
guessable by any program.

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