How to Configure NFS in Linux

How to Configure Network Files System?
Network Work File System Configuration is very easy in Linux very simple 3 Steps, you can Configure Network File System.

Read Carefully undermentioned Steps and Apply on your system.

1) In first step we go to the nfs server machine and write in its /etc/exports file as follows

/fhome (dir of nfs server) of nfs client)(rw,no_root_squash,sync)

And start nfs server through this command /etc/initd/nfsserver start

2) In second step we go the /etc/fstab of client of nfs and write the entry as follows of nfs server) /home(dir of client) nfs defaults 0 0
Write a command to mount a nfs share.
mount -t nfs (ip of nfs server machine):/fhome /home

above command take some time and it will be start required services automatically. If you face some error then start given services manually.
3) In third step we run the following services

portmap (at nfs client)
nfs (at nfs client)
nfslock (at nfs client)

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